Departmental Bulletin Paper 食料産業クラスター事業の現状と展開の方向性(2) : コーディネーターの視点を基礎として
The Present State and Development of A Food Industrial Cluster : From a Viewpoint of the Coordinator

金藤, 正直  ,  岩田, 一哲

3pp.19 - 28 , 2015-03-24 , 法政大学公共政策研究科
According to the examination by the Board of Audit of Japan, many coordinators have weak abilities to support a food industrial cluster. Therefore, most of the clusters have not functioned as a regional sustainable business. In this paper, we considered primary roles and abilities for a coordinator, and analyzed the results of the questionnaire survey on the support activities in the cluster. As a result, we suggested the following three viewpoints and methods to continuously conduct the cluster. First, it is necessary to set “the promotion of a new product and a new business development” as the primary purpose at the time of planning and operating the cluster, and devote to food production and processing on the basis of the purpose. Second, these activities should be supported from a viewpoint of the cluster’s entire operation and individual entities that organize the cluster. Finally, it is important to acquire a wide range of abilities to instantly deal with various changes of the economic circumstances by a policy. The coordinator has to effectively and efficiently support the cluster, while taking the three viewpoints and methods into account.

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