Departmental Bulletin Paper 個別要素法による粒状体群のせん断シミュレーションにおける摩擦処理

板谷, 知洋  ,  大西, 泰史  ,  吉田, 長行

29pp.70 - 75 , 2015-04-01 , 法政大学情報メディア教育研究センター
In the Distinct Element Method (DEM), Friction is introduced in the tangential direction between the two particles. The way of its modeling could greatly influence on the analytical result. Therefore the ordinal calculation scheme have to be reconsidered in the tangential direction of the contact surface. In this paper, the numerical procedure taking account of the stick-slip phenomenon is introduced to deal with the friction among particles more precisely. The analytical result shows that smoothness of force and displacement relation can be improved. Furthermore it is confirmed that the random size on particles is relatively more stable than the uniform size. Keywords : DEM, the direct shear test, tangential force, Stick-Slip phenomenon

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