Departmental Bulletin Paper データネットワークを用いた高信頼SDN コントロールプレーンの設計と実装

橋本, 直樹

102015-03-24 , 法政大学大学院情報科学研究科
Software-Dened Networking (SDN) enables dynamic and adaptable network through directly programmability from services and applications. OpenFlow, which is reference architecture of SDN, decouples the network management plane from the data transfer plane to achieve the exibility on managing the network traffic. In other words, OpenFlow network became to have two types of devices and two types of networks connecting them. The reliability of the management plane is essentially important to achieve the stable network using OpenFlow technology. In this paper, we propose a dynamic OpenFlow channel setup method over the data forwarding network in-band. It simply sets the forwarding rules for the packets of OpenFlow control channels to realize both of building overlay channels and handling the recovery on emergency. We implemented this method on the OpenFlow test-bed using software switch with OpenFlow 1.3.

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