Departmental Bulletin Paper 実物体の表面光学特性を考慮したプロジェクタによる内部透過映像の重畳表示

植草, 直人

102015-03-24 , 法政大学大学院情報科学研究科
We describe a spatial augmented reality system that enables superimposed projection of an internal image on a real object with color correction. Our system is a projectorcamera system, which consists of a camera, a projector, and a PC. At first, we generate a first projection image from the internal image of CG and a camera image of the real object captured by the camera. The first projection image is generated to avoid the pattern of the real object by importance map which is generated camera image. Next, we project the first projection image on the real object, and again capture an image of the real object with the internal image. At last, we update the projection image with color correction on CIELUV color space and project the image on the real object. This system will be able to visualize the internal structures on various objects easily because this system is reproduced on real object enhances a sense of depth. By using this effect, our system are enable to use various application such as support of work by the visibility of the complex internal structure.

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