Departmental Bulletin Paper A Management System for Cyber Individuals and Heterogeneous Data

Ren, Jun

102015-03-24 , 法政大学大学院情報科学研究科
The progressive development of information and communication technologies has led us to a new world called hyper world that is composed by the cyber world and the physical world, which, at the same time, brings us the digital explosions of data and connectivity as well as all kinds of smart services. Based on these, Cyber-I was proposed, which aims at creating a unique, digital, comprehensive description for every real person so that the possibility for the person being in the cyber world to get lost in the digital explosions will be reduced. However, the ultimate goal of realizing such Cyber-I needs an endless research process, which will cover multiple areas and disciplines. In order to merge efforts on the study of Cyber-I together as well as provide people with better services utilizing Cyber-I, this paper presents our research and development on a Cyber-I oriented management system where (1) the life cycle of Cyber-I including its birth, growth and death is simulated, (2) with the NO-SQL properties supported by Mongo DB, heterogeneous personal data coming from disparate sources with different formats through varied media can be managed in a scalable way, and (3) apps connected with the Cyber-I can not only fetch personal data but also provide personalized services, while the collected personal data can be used to generate user models from different aspects.

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