Departmental Bulletin Paper From Increasing Personal Data to Growable Cyber-I’s Modeling

Zhang, Song

102015-03-24 , 法政大学大学院情報科学研究科
Cyber-Individual (Cyber-I), is a counterpart of Real-Individual (Real-I) in cyberspace, which aims to create a unique, digital and comprehensive description for every real individual to support various personalized services and applications. A Cyber-I is able to gradually approximate to its Real-I, and the approximation accuracy can be continuously improved by collecting, processing and utilizing personal data related to its corresponding Real-I. One of basic characteristics of the personal data is the continuous increase of data types and amount due to wide uses of smartphones, sensors, and other devices as well as software tools. Such increasing personal data offers the possibility to make growable Cyber-I modeling for each user. This research is mainly focused on the initialization and growth of the Cyber-I modeling. An initial Cyber-I model is a beginning description about an individual, which is made based on the basic data generated in the Cyber-I’s birth stage. A growing model is one that can grow up to become bigger, higher or closer for a Cyber-I to successively approximate to its Real-I’s states, behaviors and characteristics. This paper discusses in details on how the initial models and growing models are built and work. A system prototype to support the model initialization and growth is illustrated, and a case study to concretely show the growable modeling is also given.

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