Departmental Bulletin Paper Development of a Software Tool to Support Traceability-Based Inspection of SOFL Specifications

Zhang, Jinghua

102015-03-24 , 法政大学大学院情報科学研究科
When developing a formal specification for a software project using the SOFL three-step modeling approach, it is essential to ensure the conformance relation between every two level specifications. Inspection is an important technique to verify the specifications. In this paper, we describe an inspection method through building traceability for rigorously verifying the conformance relation. The method consists of two steps: (1) traceability establishment and (2) inspection of the target specifications based on the built traceability. We also provide some inspection strategies such as checklists based on SOFL features to help the inspector find errors and keep the consistency. Our tool provides a convenient interface to separate components in different specifications and save their relationships to keep the consistency. We describe the design and implementation of our supporting tool in this thesis. A case study to inspect the specifications of a travel plan booking system is given to show how the proposed method can be applied in practice.

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