Departmental Bulletin Paper ゾル-ゲル法によるAg化合物担持(Ce,Zr)O2粉末の作製とすす酸化触媒特性評価

伊藤, 智貴

562015-03-24 , 法政大学大学院理工学・工学研究科
Catalyst powders of (Ce,Zr)O2 and (Ce,Zr)O2-supported AgCl were prepared by a sol-gel route. Crystallite and particle sizes were increased by adding methanol solution of polyvinyl acetate in the precursor solution, especially for the 6.6 wt% AgCl-(Ce,Zr)O2 powder. Soot oxidation temperature, T50%, at which 50% of activated carbon powder was oxidized at a constant heating rate by thermogravimetry, was decreased by mixing catalyst powders of (Ce,Zr)O2 and (Ce,Zr)O2-supported AgCl. The T50% values with catalyst powders were increased by heat-treatment at 800℃ for 3h. Activation energy for the oxidation of activated carbon with the heat-treated catalyst powders of (Ce,Zr)O2 and (Ce,Zr)O2- supported AgCl was around 126 kJ mol-1, which was smaller than the activation energy of 145 kJ mol-1 for oxidation of activated carbon without catalyst powder.

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