Departmental Bulletin Paper 公衆回線を利用した複数遠隔装置の集中管理方式

本間, 将紘  ,  HOMMA, Masahiro

Recently, information technology has been exploited in various fields to improve the efficiency of operations. However, in the case of building information gathering system, Maintenance personnel has to go to the building when system trouble occurs because of using a low cost consumer public communication line. It is possible to solve the above problems by using an expensive dedicated line to communicate between control server and clients (building monitoring equipment). However it costs too much. In this paper, worker don’t need to go to site because we solve the problem from remote location. We provide the system at a relatively low cost. In this paper, we don’t change the client’s network to cut the cost. We propose system architecture to realize two way communication between control server and clients and group communication for maintenance using IRC (Internet Relay Chat) concept and low cost consumer public line, furthermore we evaluate the architecture by implementing the prototype system

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