Departmental Bulletin Paper LOAを考慮した動的クラウド選択基盤方式

篠山, 裕貴

562015-03-24 , 法政大学大学院理工学・工学研究科
Recently, with the development of cloud technology, has increased users of cloud services.In addition there is growing also use expressions that multi-cloud that utilize multiple cloud.On the other hand, public cloud, the remains also in security aspects of anxiety and problems.At present, when using a public cloud, and selects reading people documents services like called SLA (Service Level Agreement) has been described. However, by reading all of the SLA to choose the one that suits his from a plurality of cloud takes time.Also, in order to use various cloud services, it must similar authentication each time to change the service to use.In this study, in order to improve the mitigation and cloud the convenience of the risk of information leakage, and or method to be compared automatically in the form that can be read the SLA in the machine,by combining scheme such authenticate by level according to the sensitivity and importance of the service called LOA (Level of Assurance),user selects automatically the best cloud each time the service,and maintaining the availability by dynamically perform the necessary authentication,the proposed foundation system such as maintaining the security strength in the appropriate authentication method, and verified.

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