Departmental Bulletin Paper 平面型∞コイルECTセンサに関する研究

丸山, 公希

562015-03-24 , 法政大学大学院理工学・工学研究科
This paper concerns with development and improvement of the new ECT sensor. Previously, we have succeeded in developing the ∞ coil. The ∞ coil has high sensitivity, but this sensor could not directly apply to the curved surface target because of the ∞ coil’s geometrical structure.Therefore, we have worked out a flat ∞ coil which exhibits a high sensitivity and enable to inspect not only to the curved surface but also to the flat surface specimens because of its high shape flexibility.3D FEM has been carried to show the usefulness of the flat ∞ coil. The experimented results have verified the validity of the numerical simulations. Thus, we have confirmed the versatile capability of the flat ∞ coil.

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