Departmental Bulletin Paper <事例研究> 地域課題の解決を目指す事業で働く女性に関する一試論 : キャリア形成に注目して

鈴木, 紀子

7pp.95 - 103 , 2015-03-31 , 法政大学地域研究センター
This paper focuses on women who have experiences of working in more than one organization including companies and NPOs, and examines the following points, based on the results of existing survey data and interviews: In what way these women work in businesses, which aim to resolve community issues; How they gain income: How they develop their occupational careers. Furthermore, it also considers as to whether an occupational career is formed not only through working for general companies but if it is also feasible to be developed after they have moved to a business that aims to resolve community issues.Previous studies indicate the majority of participants in such businesses are women who are over 40, and that there are discrepancies in their employment condition due to differences in organizational forms and their statuses in the organizations. The results of interviews, which were conducted by the current study, with womenwho work for NPOs and companies, which aim to resolve community issues, have revealed some points that were not clarified in previous studies- namely, for example, their career paths up to the point in which they gained their current job, job specifications, working conditions, and futurehopes. For women to engage in a transition of occupational career, and to work, gain skill and experience, and develop their career in various organizations aiming to make regional contributiondoes not only to widen the option of career pathsor work opportunities for women, but also bestows community with solid strength.
本稿は、企業やNPO法人など複数の団体で勤務した経験をもつ女性が、地域課題の解決を目指す事業体においてどのように働き、収入を得て、職業キャリアを築いているのかということを既存の調査データと聞き取り調査の結果を通じて考察する。そして、職業キャリアは一般的な企業勤務などで形成されるだけでなく、地域課題の解決を目指す事業体に転じても形成可能なのかということを検討する。先行研究などでは、40代以上の女性の参加が多いこと、組織形態や組織における立場の違いによって就業状況に差があることが示されている。また、地域課題の解決を行う NPO や企業で働く女性に聞き取り調査をしたところ、現在の仕事に就くまでのキャリアパス、具体的な職務内容、勤務条件、今後の希望などを知ることができた。女性が職業キャリアを転換して地域貢献を目指す様々な組織で働き、技能や経験を積み重ねて、キャリアを築くことは、女性の就業する場やキャリアパスの選択肢を広げるだけでなく、地域社会にとっても大きな力となる。

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