Departmental Bulletin Paper <事例研究> オーラルヒストリーによる地域メディアの可能性 : 大学生によるタウン誌作成の実践を通じて

梅崎, 修  ,  佐藤, 憲  ,  筧, 隆太

7pp.83 - 94 , 2015-03-31 , 法政大学地域研究センター
We examined community development in association with young people's learning by running a practical exercise in which university students compiled and sold a local town paper. In the Kagurazaka area of Tokyo where the exercise was conducted, we observed that the students' local paper had its own role, just like the other papers. The students also had to take on the extraburden of sales, which were part of the exercise,but this helped them to build commitment to the community. Moreover, their involvement in the community as editors or reporters for the local paper had certain educational benefits: the experience facilitated the development of deep insight through listening to strangers and trainedthe students to fulfill the multiple roles expected by the community. Lastly, the process of deep involvement with the community gave rise to an emotional attachment to the community.

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