Departmental Bulletin Paper モリブデンゲートGaNーMISFETを用いたE/Dインバータ回路に関する研究

伊藤, 駿一

562015-03-24 , 法政大学大学院理工学・工学研究科
The Mg density of the substrate is 2×10^18 cm-3, and the biggest drain current is 0.025mA/mm and 1.5mA/mm at gate voltage 6V and drain voltage 5V respectively from the drain current of the Enhancement type MISFET and the depression type MISFET- drain voltage special quality, and a device was the result which isn't moving. Gate disconnected the MISFET because it is not observed modulation, it was found that the gate voltage is not added, for preventing the disconnection of the gate electrode from this, it was studied the MESA creation process. The results of the study, when depositing a metal mask by E-GUN vacuum deposition apparatus, rate deposited while increasing the rate of 0.1nm / sec to 0.8nm / sec gradually, The ICP dry etching apparatus in etching conditions 0.7Pa by forming the MESA structure is used, it was possible to prevent breakage.

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