Departmental Bulletin Paper 複合流を伴う希薄予混合火炎の火炎伝播速度に関する研究

岸本, 和輝

562015-03-24 , 法政大学大学院理工学・工学研究科
In recent years, the new power sources such as electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles are becoming general gradually, but internal combustion engines such as gasoline and diesel are still very important. Regulations of environmental pollutants contained in the gas discharged from internal combustion engines has become stricter, so combustion improvement is required. There is a lean burn as the method to solve the problem, but it has problems such as reduction of ignitability. In this study, focusing on the swirl flow that is considered effective as a countermeasure, experiments have been carried out to examine the influence of combination flow on flame behavior and flame propagation speed for lean premixed propane-air mixtures in combustion tube. The main conclusions are as follows;1) Average flame propagation speed with the swirl flow is remarkably increased as compared with the case of laminar flow.2) Average flame propagation speed by using the combination flow is bigger than that of the swirl flow.3) By changing the swirl flow section, it is possible to control the flame propagation speed.

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