Departmental Bulletin Paper ディーゼル機関における燃焼生成物及び燃料消費率低減に関する研究 -特にアルコール添加の影響-

折笠, 聡一

562015-03-24 , 法政大学大学院理工学・工学研究科
In late years, the global environmental problems and the energy efficiency problems become very serious. It is well known that for automotive diesel engines, low-particulate and low-NOx emissions are very much needed by using alcohol blend fuels and emulsified hydrocarbon fuels. It is due to control the flame temperature caused by oxygen and the calorific value in the alcohol blend fuels.As the first step in this study, experiments have been carried out to determine the influence on fuel consumption rate and soot emissions for diesel engines by using the alcohol blended fuels.The main conclusions are as follows;1) The fuel consumption rate of alcohol blend fuel is almost the same value that of the light oil under high engine load.2) Soot emission of the alcohol blend fuel is much lower than that of light oil at any load conditions.3) It is possible to reduce the NOx emission by using alcohol blended fuels than that of light oil.

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