Departmental Bulletin Paper マグネシウム合金板材の圧着圧延による接合界面の強度評価

飯島, 利彦

552015-03-24 , 法政大学大学院理工学・工学研究科
Recently increasing amount of light metal sheet is being involved into various structural constructions and functional components. Such a rising trend can be observed, for instance, at automotive, aerospace and electric industry. Especially in automobile, lightweight car body structure will be able to achieve saving energy by improving fuel efficiency and environmental measure by exhaust gas reduction. The hollow structural components including automobiles have been adopted in various products. Newly developed method, called Roll Bonding・Gas Inflation Forming(RB・GIF)has been proposed to produce the hollow structure such as truss or honeycomb inexpensively and easily. But at this forming process, it is thought that peeling and shear affect at bonded interface. This paper focuses on strength estimation on roll bonded interface using Mg alloy LA141. Bonding strength was estimated using Weibull distribution useful in instability.

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