Departmental Bulletin Paper 全身性アミロイドーシス検索薬125I-EISBの研究 : 最適反応時間および安定性の検討
ゼンシン セイ アミロイドーシス ケンサク ヤク 125I-EISB ノ ケンキュウ : サイテキ ハンノウ ジカン オヨビ アンテイ セイ ノ ケントウ
Study of 125I-EISB for Detecting Systematic Amyloidosis : Evaluation for optimal synthesis time and stability of 125I-EISB

柏, 昂希  ,  副島, 彩花  ,  松永, 浩文  ,  山下, 太郎  ,  冨吉, 勝美  ,  カシワ, コウキ  ,  ソエジマ, アヤカ  ,  マツナガ, ヒロフミ  ,  ヤマシタ, タロウ  ,  トミヨシ, カツミ  ,  Kashiwa, Koki  ,  Soejima, Ayaka  ,  Matsunaga, Yoshifumi  ,  Yamashita, Taro  ,  Tomiyoshi, Katsumi

14pp.42 - 47 , 2018-03-31 , 熊本大学
1-(2-mestyl-ethoxy) -2,5bis (styryl) benzene (EMSB) is newly synthesized and reacted with 125I with Kripffix222 to obtain 1- (125I-ethoxy) -2,5bis (styryl) benzene (125I-EISB) which is a new amyloid imaging probe that canimage amyloid by Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT). The purpose of study is to determine the optimal synthesis time and clarify stability of 125I-EISB in saline and human serum, respectively. We synthesized 125I-EISB and injected 125I-EISB into saline and human serum. We used high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) toacquire radiochemical purity of 125I-EISB. We assess changes of radiochemical purity of 125I-EISB over time. As a result, high radioactive purity 95.88±3.19% was obtained in 10 minutes by our synthesis and the radiochemical purity was 97.83±1.40% (n=6) applying our purification system. Radiochemical purity 24 hours later was 94.01±2.09% after injecting in saline. That was 94.23±1.20% after injecting in human serum. From these results, optimal synthesis time was determined 10 minutes and radiochemical purity of 125I-EISB was stably maintained in saline and human serum,respectively.

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