Departmental Bulletin Paper 『図画教育論』における「型」の意識
ズガ キョウイク ロン ニ オケル カタ ノ イシキ
Consciousness of the style in a “Theory of Drawing Education”

松永, 拓己  ,  マツナガ, タクミ  ,  Matsunaga, Takumi

2018増刊号pp.21 - 26 , 2018-02-28 , 熊本大学教育学部附属教育実践総合センター
This paper is consideration about a view to a “style”. Ryūsei Kishida is a famous painter.Kishida wrote a book called “Theory of Drawing Education” in 1925. Those days, therewere “theory of drawing freely” and a dispute of “copying” in the drawing educational world.It is free drawing movement and copy education. Kishida is making a new proposal in this book. It is the method of instruction which mixed free drawing and copy education. An important thing is teaching “beauty”. Kishida announced it. When copying, a fear of “falling into a style” occurs. However, Kishida did not resist a “style”. He did not worry “fall into a style”. I regard it as a process for getting to know beauty. He said, “The originality heart happens into peopleʼs mind”. Originality starts by studying others. There is a view of “protecting”, “breaking” and “separating” in a “style”.I perform four proposals in the case of using a “style” in drawing education based onKishidaʼs idea. 1, Donʼt fall into a “style”. 2, “style” should have beauty. 3, Study other “styles” after mastering a “style”. 4, Donʼt prevent the originality heart. I think that Kishidaʼs idea was an original means for teaching advanced beauty.

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