Departmental Bulletin Paper 小中学校で活用可能な複数言語に対応したプログラミング教材の開発
ショウ チュウガッコウ デ カツヨウ カノウ ナ フクスウ ゲンゴ ニ タイオウ シタ プログラミング キョウザイ ノ カイハツ
Development of multi-language programming software for elementary or junior high school students

西原, 貴史  ,  中原, 久志  ,  塚本, 光夫  ,  ニシハラ, タカシ  ,  ナカハラ, ヒサシ  ,  ツカモト, ミツオ  ,  Nishihara, Takashi  ,  Nakahara, Hisashi  ,  Tsukamoto, Mitsuo

66pp.389 - 397 , 2017-12-19 , 熊本大学
A multi-language software application of visual type to learn programming education for beginners has been developed.Block-type visual programming language is suited to the teaching material of programming education forelementary or junior high school students as in many cases. However, even if it is suitable for beginners, it is necessary to develop to the learning of descriptive language to obtain high interest.Therefore, the feature of this softwareapplication has tools that can learn both block-type graphic and text based programming language. Other featuresof this software application are as follows: simple input by selection, simultaneous display of text based language,learning by preset task, function to notify that debugging is necessary.

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