Departmental Bulletin Paper 平成28年熊本地震における大学生の自助,共助の実態
ヘイセイ 28ネン クマモト ジシン ニ オケル ダイガクセイ ノ ジジョ キョウジョ ノ ジッタイ
A factual investigation of self-help and mutual aid efforts of university students in the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake

中迫, 由実  ,  水木, 遥  ,  ナカサコ, ユミ  ,  ミズキ, ハルカ  ,  Nakasako, Yumi  ,  Mizuki, Haruka

66pp.367 - 372 , 2017-12-19 , 熊本大学
The purpose of this paper to conduct an actual field survey of self-help and mutual aid efforts for the university students in the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake. Results were inadequate to consider the prior earthquake safety measures,such as confirmation refuge and to fix the furniture to the wall. The regarding mutual assistance, single universitystudents cooperated with friends more than with previously unknown local persons. Both the assisting of local peopleand friends were carried out in the house in which a student lived with his parents. More interest in this inquiry mightbe developed by extending the core advocacy group through a network of friends, considering that university studentsmore willingly assisted their friends.

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