Departmental Bulletin Paper 合成洗剤およびセッケンの合成に関する教材研究
ゴウセイ センザイ オヨビ セッケン ノ ゴウセイ ニ カンスル キョウザイ ケンキュウ
Studies on the synthesis of synthetic detergent and soap

中村, 文  ,  島田, 秀昭  ,  ナカムラ, アヤ  ,  シマダ, ヒデアキ  ,  Nakamura, Aya  ,  Shimada, Hideaki

66pp.331 - 334 , 2017-12-19 , 熊本大学
Since synthetic detergents can be easily synthesized, they are considered to be useful as experimental materialsin high school chemistry. However, careful attention is required to use dangerous such as sulfuric andsodium hydroxide for synthetic detergent experiment. Therefore, in the present study, we examined the experimentalconditions that can synthesize synthetic detergent safely, surely, and in a short time. The experimental conditions thatcan synthesize both synthetic detergent and soap in a single lesson and compare its properties were also examined.

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