Departmental Bulletin Paper 大分県三重町本城山地域の白亜系
オオイタケン ミエマチ ホンジョウサン チイキ ノ ハクア ケイ
Cretaceous formation in the Mt. Honjyo area, Mie-machi, Oita Prefecture

田中, 均  ,  佐藤, 裕一郎  ,  タナカ, ヒトシ  ,  サトウ, ユウイチロウ  ,  Tanaka, Hitoshi  ,  Sato, Yuichiro

66pp.325 - 330 , 2017-12-19 , 熊本大学
In the Chichibu Terrane of the Mt.Honjyo area in the mie-machi, Oita Prefecture, the Lower Cretaceous System, called Honjyo Formation (new name), distribute. This paper mainly deals with the outline of lithology and fossils.On the basis of lithology and fossils, this formation is divided into two parts, namely the lower and upper.The lower part begins with conglomerate or conglomeratec sandstone, and is followed by medium-grained withintercalation of alternating beds of sandstone and shale, and further by thick-bedded dark gray sandy shale and shale.The conglomerate comprises rounded granules and pebbles of chert.The upper part thick-bedded medium-grained sandstone and sandy shale are 60-70m thick, containing marine fossils such as pelecypods and gastropods at several horizons.The Honjyo Formation has been correlated with the Monobe-gawa Group in Shikoku on the basis of fossil evidence.It is well-known that they yield the bivalve assemblage which is called the Northern-Tethyan fauna.

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