Departmental Bulletin Paper 桜島島内の火山ガス濃度解析と教材化
サクラジマ トウナイ ノ カザン ガス ノウド カイセキ ト キョウザイ カ
Analysis of volcanic gas concentrations at the foot of Sakurajima volcano and teaching material development

飯野, 直子  ,  今村, 唯  ,  金柿, 主税  ,  イイノ, ナオコ  ,  イマムラ, ユイ  ,  カナガキ, チカラ  ,  lino, Naoko  ,  Imamura, Yui  ,  Kanagaki, Chikara

66pp.305 - 313 , 2017-12-19 , 熊本大学
The Showa-crater of Sakurajima volcano has reactivated the eruptive activity since June 2006. The volcanic gas and the amount of the ash fall around Sakurajima volcano during five years before and after then were illustrated by using the geographic information system. In addition, in order to understand the mechanism of the high SO₂ concentration phenomena at the foot of Sakurajima volcano, we analyzed the SO₂ high concentrations observed during April2013 to March 2014 with the upper air meteorological data. The clarified high SO₂ concentration mechanisms were summarized as teaching material for elementary school students. Furthermore, the results of this study were edited as digital contents for education, and we have provided them through the internet.

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