Departmental Bulletin Paper 養護教諭の歴史的変遷にみる専門職としての萌芽 : 職務からみえてくる独自性の誕生
ヨウゴ キョウユ ノ レキシ テキ ヘンセン ニ ミル センモン ショク ト シテ ノ ホウガ : ショクム カラ ミエテ クル ドクジセイ ノ タンジョウ
Growing as professionals from the historical transition of yogo teachers : The birth of an identity coming from duties

原田, えりか  ,  山梨, 八重子  ,  ハラダ, エリカ  ,  ヤマナシ, ヤエコ  ,  Harada, Erika  ,  Yamanashi, Yaeko

66pp.251 - 258 , 2017-12-19 , 熊本大学
The modern profession of a Yogo Teacher was derived from school nurses. They initially carried out nursing duties in the school, and their job was limited to medical and nursing content. However, their role has gradually come to include more comprehensive duties such as prevention, education, public health and teaching. This research aims to clarify the historical background of the birth of unique Yogo Teacher profession, based on an analysis of the duties indicated in laws and drafts pertaining to Yogo Teachers.

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