Departmental Bulletin Paper 自閉スペクトラム症児における表情模倣と視線追跡
ジヘイ スペクトラム ショウ ジ ニ オケル ヒョウジョウ モホウ ト シセン ツイセキ
Imitation of facial expressions and gaze tracking in children with autism spectrum disorder

菊池, 哲平  ,  キクチ, テッペイ  ,  Kikuchi, Teppei

66pp.127 - 132 , 2017-12-19 , 熊本大学
The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of interpersonal intentionality to ability of imitation in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). In experiment, 9 normative-IQ children with ASD and 17 children with typical development were participated, their points of eye-gaze were recorded during conversational situation and imitation offacial expressions situation. The results as follows; 1) the children with ASD were appeared less eyegaze for the face of other. 2) During imitation situation, the eye-gazes for the face were slightly increased of children with ASD. 3) The surprising face is very interesting for children with ASD. In discussion, we argued that imitation ability is affected by interpersonal intentionality and the imitation ability in ASD may change depending on the situations.

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