Journal Article Anomalous dispersion of the acoustic mode in liquid Bi

Inui, Masanori  ,  Kajihara, Yukio  ,  Munejiri, Shuji  ,  Hosokawa, Shinya  ,  Chiba, Ayano  ,  Ohara, Koji  ,  Tsutsui, Satoshi  ,  Baron, Alfred. Q. R.  ,  イヌイ, マサノリ  ,  カジハラ, ユキオ  ,  ムネジリ, シュウジ  ,  ホソカワ, シンヤ  ,  チバ, アヤノ  ,  オハラ, コウジ  ,  ツツイ, サトシ  ,  乾, 雅祝  ,  梶原, 行夫  ,  宗尻, 修治  ,  細川, 伸也  ,  千葉, 文野  ,  尾原, 幸治  ,  筒井, 智嗣

92 ( 5 )  , pp.054206-1 - 054206-8 , 2015-08-25 , American Physical Society
nelastic x-ray scattering measurements on liquid Bi were carried out. Prominent acoustic mode excitations were observed in the dynamic structure factor to beyond 12nm−1, which resolves previously conflicting results as to their presence beyond 6nm−1. We find the dispersion curve of the excitation energy with momentum transfer is nearly flat from 7 to 15nm−1 consistent with ab initio calculations of liquid Bi [J. Souto et al., Phys. Rev. B 81, 134201 (2010)]. Our ab initio and classical molecular dynamics simulations suggest that a long-range force is needed to reproduce the flatness of the dispersion curve, and the long-range force is correlated with a local structure consisting of shorter and longer bonds in the liquid.

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