Journal Article Structural Aspects of the Superionic Conduction Mechanism in Ag-GeSe3 Glasses

R. Stellhorn, Jens  ,  Hosokawa, Shinya  ,  Pilgrim, Wolf-Christian  ,  Kawakita, Yokinobu  ,  Kamimura, Kenji  ,  Kimura, Koji  ,  Blanc, Nils  ,  Boudet, Nathalie  ,  ホソカワ, シンヤ  ,  カワキタ, ヨキノブ  ,  カミムラ, ケンジ  ,  キムラ, コウジ  ,  細川, 伸也  ,  上村, 健二  ,  木村, 耕治

230 ( 3 )  , pp.369 - 386 , 2016-03 , DE GRUYTER
The local and intermediate-range atomic structure in the Ag ion conducting glasses Agx(GeSe3)1−x with x = 0.15 and 0.50 has been investigated by Anomalous X-Ray Scattering experiments at the K absorption edges of each constituent element. This method can provide insight into the structural properties enabling the effect of superionic conductivity for compositions with x > 0.33 in the amorphous phase. The experimental results were analyzed with Reverse Monte Carlo modeling, providing the partial structure factors and the corresponding partial pair-distribution functions. Evidence is found for a high level of intermediate range order for low silver concentrations, whereas the superionic conducting phase formed at high silver concentrations is characterized by cluster-like configurations of Ag atoms on a nanometer scale.

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