Departmental Bulletin Paper A Model for the AC Ionic Conductivity in Solid Polymer Electrolytes

Nishimuta, Takuro  ,  Aniya, Masaru  ,  ニシムタ, タクロウ  ,  アニヤ, マサル  ,  西牟田, 拓朗  ,  安仁屋, 勝

14 ( 2 )  , pp.61 - 66 , 2017 , 熊本大学
A hydrodynamic model for solid polymer electrolyte which consists of negatively charge solid polymer chains immersed in a cation liquid is presented. From the model, an analytical expression for the AC ionic conductivity is obtained. The model permits us to understand how the relaxation time and the mass of the polymer chain affect the behavior of the ionic conductivity in the infrared region.

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