Departmental Bulletin Paper 九州時代の作品に見る陶晶孫の恋愛観
キュウシュウ ジダイ ノ サクヒン ニ ミル トウ ショウソン ノ レンアイ カン
Tao Jingsun's Exploration of Love From His Literature in Kyushu Imperial Unicersity

廖, 莉平  ,  リョウ, リピン  ,  Liao, Liping

15pp.261 - 270 , 2017-03-25 , 熊本大学
As one of the early members of the ChuangZaoShe, TaoJingsun published five short novels during his time at Kyushu Imperial University (1919.9-1923.3), which offer different perspectives to describe different forbidden love. But his views on love were never explicitly expressed in his other four novels except the Ni An. An important background fact is that Modern View of Love by Kuriyagawa Hakuson was very popular in Japan when he was writing this article. Though both of them prioritized love, TaoJingsun was consistent in insisting that traditional Plato's dualism between body and soul was very different from the pursuit of harmonious combination of minds and bodies by Kuriyagawa. To interpret Ni An in this paper, we can find his view of love is Platonic love, and further it's closely related to his growing experience in Japan.

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