Departmental Bulletin Paper 国内縁辺地域の機械系中小企業における脱下請化とイノベーションの創出 : 南九州の事例
コクナイ エンペン チイキ ノ キカイ ケイ チュウ ショウ キギョウ ニ オケル ダツ シタウケ カ ト イノベーション ノ ソウシュツ : ミナミ キュウシュウ ノ ジレイ
De-subcontracting and Creation of Innovation in Small- and Medium- sized Machinery Enterprises : The Case of Southern Kyushu

王, 震霆  ,  オウ, シンテイ  ,  Wang, Zhenting

15pp.85 - 103 , 2017-03-25 , 熊本大学
This study clarifies the basis for the creation of innovation through a case study of threesmall-and medium-sized industrial machinery enterprises based in Southern Kyushu. Thetwo preconditions for the creation of innovation are technological basis accumulated throughtransactions with large enterprises, and the entry into niche markets. In addition, the twostrategies used to overcome the disadvantages of regional conditions include active acquisitionof knowledge and skills through industry-academia-government collaboration, and planningand designing a procurement talent structure for each individual company. These conditionsare central to innovation. This case study suggests that the creation of innovation initiates thepossibility of “de-subcontracting” and sustainable development of SMEs, even if they are locatedin peripheral areas.

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