Departmental Bulletin Paper この手に握られた、不毛の王笏 : 『マクベス』における性欲とボディ・ポリティック
コノ テ ニ ニギラレタ フモウ ノ オウシャク : マクベス ニ オケル セイヨク ト ボディ ポリティック
“a barren sceptre in my gripe” : Sexual Desire and the Body Politic in Macbeth

松岡, 浩史  ,  マツオカ, ヒロシ  ,  Matsuoka, Hiroshi

108pp.57 - 70 , 2017-03-17 , 熊本大学
Sexual allusions and puns rampant in the text of Macbeth cannot be pretermitted just as the dramatist's word games considering their quality and quantity. The plot of the play furnishes the portrait of a man whose end is only to satisfy his political/sexual desires, lying outside the circle of generation. With the reference to the sources of social history, anatomy and demonology, this paper reveals the double-structure of the play, where political ambitions are always replaced by sexual metaphors. As Macbeth's political sterility parallels his sexual dysfunction, the king's political body, which was supposed to be invisible, is relentlessly visualized by the embarrassed body of the protagonist.

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