Journal Article Purification of deep water in a dam lake using micro-bubbles and/or Eco-Bio-Ring

Sadatomi, Michio  ,  Kawahara, Akimaro  ,  Kurogawa, Kousuke  ,  Akasaki, Takahiro  ,  サダトミ, ミチオ  ,  カワハラ, アキマロ  ,  クロガワ, コウスケ  ,  アカサキ, タカヒロ  ,  佐田富, 道雄  ,  川原, 顕磨呂  ,  黒川, 幸助  ,  赤崎, 宇大

6 ( 6 )  , pp.419 - 424 , 2015-06 , International Journal of Environmental Science and Development
This study is aiming at finding an efficient method to purify deep water in Midorikawa-dam Lake in Kumamoto Pref., Japan. The biological oxygen demand (BOD) of the waterat first was 46 mg/L in the worst case. In the test, micro-bubbles were periodically supplied into the water in 80 L tank by a multi-fluids-mixer patented by Sadatomi andKawahara. The bubbling rate were changed as QG = 1.0 L/min and 2.0 L/min to study its effect. In addition, the Eco-Bio-Ring including aerobic bacteria (Bacillus bacterium), sold by Big Bio Co. Ltd., Japan, were immersed in two tanks of the three inorder to study its effect. As a result, it was cleared that QG = 1.0 L/min was enough to reduce the BOD to about 6-10 mg/L withintwo weeks, and the Eco-Bio-Ring was effective to reduce turbidity.

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