Journal Article Comparison of mist generators between twin-fluid water suction type and single-fluid swirl type

Sadatomi, Michio  ,  Tanaka, Keiichi  ,  Kawahara, Akimaro  ,  サダトミ, ミチオ  ,  タナカ, ケイイチ  ,  カワハラ, アキマロ  ,  佐田富, 道雄  ,  田中, 佳一  ,  川原, 顕磨呂

Sadatomi and Kawahara invented a multi-fluidsmixer which is categorized as a twin-fluid type but have a merit of water suction type. The mixer is usable to generate microbubbles,etc. besides mists, fine droplets. In the mists generation, pressurized air alone is supplied because water can be suckedautomatically by a negative pressure arisen downstream from the orifice in the mixer. The objective of the present study is tocompare the performance between the above twin-fluid type atomizer and a common single-fluid swirl type atomizer studied in the present experiments. The comparison results showed that the twin-fluid type was superior to the singe-swirl type in the performance of CO2 adsorption by the mists. The CO2adsorption rate by the twin-fluid type was about twice. Such results on the experiments and the comparisons are described in this paper.

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