Departmental Bulletin Paper 保健行動と関連認識の関係
ホケン コウドウ ト カンレン ニンシキ ノ カンケイ
Analyses on Relationships Among Preventive Behaveors and Related Perceptions

河村, 洋子  ,  カワムラ, ヨウコ  ,  Kawamura, Yoko

7pp.53 - 63 , 2016-03-31 , 熊本大学
This paper reports the results of the analyses conducted to understand the relationships among preventive behaviors, especially focusing on physical activity, diet, and sleeping, and related perceptions, under the assumption that they are aggregately related each other. Through the analyses, the gender deference clearly emerged. For males, correlations among behaviors and perceptions were stronger than for females. The results implied that females tended to have more variety of means to keep or protect their own health than males did. Social health i.e., having good among relationship with others at work, having hobbies and so on was related to physical activity practices both females and males. Considering that physical and mental health did not appear to be related to physical activity practices, it is important for us to emphacise the social aspect of the physical activity practice's effects.Based on the results, it seems that it will be more feasible to promote preventive behaviors in an aggregate manner for the male than for the female. For the female, letting them pick up their own practice will be rather an effective way to promote preventive behaviors.

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