Departmental Bulletin Paper 地方都市における県立高校定員割れの要因分析
チホウ トシ ニ オケル ケンリツ コウコウ テイイン ワレ ノ ヨウイン ブンセキ
Factor Analysis of Lack of Enrollment Public High School in Regional Cities

園田, 賢太郎  ,  ソノダ, ケンタロウ  ,  Sonoda, Kentaro

7pp.99 - 108 , 2016-03-31 , 熊本大学
In this paper, I revealed why not enrolled in high school of Kikuchi City. I perform a literature review and questionnaire survey. As a result of the implementation of the expansion and enrollment assistance allowance system of the school district of Kikuchi City. I found out that three is an outflow of junior high school students to other areas. As a result of the questionnaire reasons for not aspiring a high school in Kikuchi City were unattractive curricular contents, missing extracurricular activities and, most important, that the students' families recommended moving to another municipality for better education. The aim of this paper is to provide possible hints to mitigate an increased outflow of Junior high school students from Kikuchi City to other areas.

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