Departmental Bulletin Paper 天草市倉岳における水害被害と集団移転 : 制度整備の過程と現在のくらし
アマクサシ クラタケ ニ オケル スイガイ ヒガイ ト シュウダン イテン : セイド セイビ ノ カテイ ト ゲンザイ ノ クラシ
Development of Legal Systems of Collective Resettlement after Flood in Amakusa, Kumamoto : the Process and Present Life at Resettlement Site

安部, 美和  ,  アベ, ミワ  ,  Abe, Miwa

7pp.75 - 86 , 2016-03-31 , 熊本大学
Act Concerning the Special Fiscal Measures for the Promotion of Collective Relocation for Disaster Prevention went into effect in December 1972 in Japan following the flood disaster that occurred in the Kyushu to Tohoku areas in 1972. Prior to 1972, disaster recovery policy was seen as 'rebuilding' policy, however, the Act gave disaster recovery policy a new definition, which is 'build back better' policy. This study examines the process and satisfaction of collective relocation of the impacted people in the Amakusa where is island located in western Kyushu, Japan. The characteristic of this resettlement is that for the recovery of community people who were affected by mudflow, their relocated land prepared by landfill of the coastal because of not enough land space in island. Resettlement with landfill was first case in Japan. Through literature review by local newspaper and documents of government, and interviews, this study show that relocation impact to people and government officers as well as the challenges of collective for disaster prevention over the 40 years following relocation.

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