Departmental Bulletin Paper 病院における倫理支援と病院内倫理委員会 : ある病院の委員会活動記録から
ビョウイン ニ オケル リンリ シエン ト ビョウインナイ リンリ イインカイ : アル ビョウイン ノ イインカイ カツドウ キロク カラ
Thinking about support for ethical medical practice : Activity report of the hospital ethics committee

服部, 俊子  ,  芥川, 茂  ,  大北, 全俊  ,  樫本, 直樹  ,  ハットリ, トシコ  ,  アクタガワ, シゲル  ,  オオキタ, タケトシ  ,  カシモト, ナオキ  ,  Hattori, Toshiko  ,  Akutagawa, Shigeru  ,  Okita, Taketoshi  ,  Kashimoto, Naoki

10pp.71 - 89 , 2016-03 , 熊本大学
The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate and investigate the activities of Hospital Ethics Committee (HEC) in a hospital, and to validate the significance of HEC in ethics support. HEC have three functions: ethics consultation, policy development, and education. Although HEC have recently been established in some hospitals of Japan, it has been considered that the activities of HEC are insufficient to support the ethics in medical practice yet. In this paper, one of the authors playing a central role of the HEC, described activity of the HEC. Then, we discuss ethics support for ethical medical practice through his report of the HEC activity. Finally, we show that description and identification of organization/group behavior is important for develop of ethics support via HEC.

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