Departmental Bulletin Paper 現在の若者における徳とケアに関する考察 : 「優しさ」を例にとって
ゲンザイ ノ ワカモノ ニ オケル トク ト ケア ニ カンスル コウサツ : ヤサシサ オ レイ ニ トッテ
A Consideration of the Virtues and Care of Present Day’s Youth : Concerning the Tenderness

山野, 克明  ,  ヤマノ, カツアキ  ,  Yamano, Katsuaki

10pp.50 - 68 , 2016-03 , 熊本大学
This study clarifies whether the tenderness of the present day's Japanese youth can beseen as the virtue of being a caring person. Tenderness may be considered as a virtuethat creates a favorable impression and contributes to build better personalrelationships. However, in this context, tenderness includes a characteristic “silence"toward others. Though the tenderness of the present youth includes sympathy and carefor others, it also includes empathy to conclude for exclude others unilaterally. Thus,though we approve the tenderness of the present youth as a virtue, it is actually not avirtue to care for others.

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