Departmental Bulletin Paper "愛/好+vp"結構的反意願用法研究
Study on Counter-willingness Usage of the Syntactic Structure "ai/hao + vp"

胡, 玉華  ,  コ, ギョクカ  ,  Hu, Yuhua

14pp.93 - 107 , 2016-03-25 , 熊本大学
In modern Chinese, the syntactic structure of “好/ 愛+vp” can describe the inclination of somebody or something, and usually the “VP” represents the things that the speaker would subjectively prefer not to happen. So there is a contradiction between the inclination of things or somebody involved and the willingness of the speaker. The author defines it as the usage of counter-willingness. With corpus data, this paper counts the usage cases of psychological verbs “ 好、 愛” in some representative works, analyses them from semantic and pragmatic perspectives, and tries to explain why there exists the usage of counter-willingness of this syntactic structure.

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