Departmental Bulletin Paper 中国語を母語とする日本語学習者の使役文の誤用分析 : 作文コーパスをデータとして
チュウゴクゴ オ ボゴ ト スル ニホンゴ ガクシュウシャ ノ シエキブン ノ ゴヨウ ブンセキ : サクブン コーパス オ データ ト シテ
An Analysis of the Errors in Causative Sentences of Chinese Native Speakers Studying Japanese : Data from the Essay Corpus

王, 辰寧  ,  オウ, シンネイ  ,  Wang, Chenning

14pp.77 - 91 , 2016-03-25 , 熊本大学
This paper investigates the errors in causative sentences in Japanese produced by Chinese native speakers studying Japanese, using the 'YUK_Japanese essay corpus of Chinese native speakers studying Japanese with taggers 2015' Ver.5. In particular, this research focuses on errors involving '-(s)ase-ru'. Analysed are 1) the number of errors, 2) the patterns of errors and,3) the causes of the errors. The results from the survey and analysis are as follows. A) the 4 patterns of learners' errors can be described as 'deficiency', 'overuse', 'mixed with other expressions' and 'error in both verb and -(s)ase-ru'. B) the most common error category is that of 'deficiency'. C) one reason for the error of 'deficiency' is that of interference from the learners' native language (Chinese). The data from this paper can be considered useful to the field of Japanese language teaching when teaching the causative sentence form.

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