Departmental Bulletin Paper 癒されないトラウマの連鎖サイクル : キャロライン ヨダー著『トラウマの癒し : 暴力が襲い、コミュニティの安全が脅かされたとき』第4章
イヤサレナイ トラウマ ノ レンサ サイクル : キャロライン ヨダー チョ トラウマ ノ イヤシ ボウリョク ガ オソイ コミュニティ ノ アンゼン ガ オビヤカサレタ トキ ダイ4ショウ
Carolyn Yoder : The Little Book of Trauma Healing Chapter 4 : Continuing the Cycles : Unhealed Trauma

石原, 明子  ,  イシハラ, アキコ  ,  Ishihara, Akiko

107pp.105 - 117 , 2016-03-17 , 熊本大学
This paper is a translation of Chapter 4: Continuing the Cycles: Unhealed Trauma in The Little Book of Trauma Healing written by Carolyn Yoder. The chapter describes the mechanism of cycle of violence after traumatic experience. When someone is traumatized and the trauma is unhealed, the energy of trauma/violence morph into destructive cycle of victimhood and violence. A traumatic energy may turn out to others (acting out) and/or in to oneself (acting in). Examples of acting out are abuse to others, criminal and/or gang activities, aggressive behaviors, repetitive conflicts, war, and so on. Ones of acting in are substance abuse, self-mutilation, depression, physical ailments, suicide, etc. Survivors with unhealed trauma easily fall back on two typical narratives: good -vs.- evil and redemptive violence. With these narratives, violence towards "the others" will be justified in them. Especially, traumatized large-group and communities use chosen trauma and those narratives to keep their identity and the cycle of violence will continue across generations.

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