Departmental Bulletin Paper Culture éducative, culture méthodologique et apprenants d'une langue-culture lointaine

サガズ, ミシェル  ,  Sagaz, Michel

107pp.51 - 59 , 2016-03-17 , 熊本大学
It has long been recognized that we cannot separate culture and language (cultural and linguistic dimensions) when speaking of teaching and learning foreign languages. But, in this context, it seems that the notion of culture is related, exclusively or largely, to the culture which is linked to the language being studied by students (arts, popular culture, everyday life culture, etc.). This article highlights the fact that other aspects of culture should be taken into account in the intercultural situation of teaching and learning foreign languages, including the educational culture and methodological culture of the learners and the teacher. It also points out that this should prevail even more when the involved learners' mother tongue and culture are not closely related to the target language.

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