Departmental Bulletin Paper 高校生及び大学生の他者や社会の健康を守るための行動に影響を与える要因について
コウコウセイ オヨビ ダイガクセイ ノ タシャ ヤ シャカイ ノ ケンコウ オ マモル タメ ノ コウドウ ニ エイキョウ オ アタエル ヨウイン ニ ツイテ
Factors Affecting the Behavior of High School and University Students for Protecting the Health of Others and Society

梶尾, 裕美  ,  入谷, 仁士  ,  カジワラ, ユミ  ,  イリタニ, ヒトシ  ,  Kajiwara, Yumi  ,  Iritani, Hitoshi

33pp.31 - 43 , 2016-02-29 , 熊本大学教育学部附属教育実践総合センター
Aiming to study how to best provide health education in schools, we did a survey to clarify the factors that affect behavior to protect the health of others and society. For high school, we did a survey from May 19 to June 9, 2014, and analyzed the data of 1137 high schools students. For university students, we surveyed from October 6 to November 10, 2014, and analyzed the data of 386 university students. As a result, we found that “behavior to protect the health of others and society” is affected by the factor of “awareness of mutual health” that is comprised of the underlying concepts of “the individual's and society's responsibility for social issues” and “how one views social structure for everyone to live in good health”, and by the factor of “awareness of health values of oneself and others and society” that can be formed by an understanding of the relationship between own health and others and society, but “self-esteem” is not a factor that affects this.

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