Departmental Bulletin Paper 知的障がいのある子どもにおける知的発達段階によるタブレット端末操作スキルについて
チテキ ショウガイ ノ アル コドモ ニ オケル チテキ ハッタツ ダンカイ ニ ヨル タブレット タンマツ ソウサ スキル ニ ツイテ
Operational Skills on Tablet PCs in Children with Intellectual Disabilities

塚本, 光夫  ,  中村, 光志  ,  ツカモト, ミツオ  ,  ナカムラ, コウジ  ,  Tsukamoto, Mitsuo  ,  Nakamura, Kouji

64pp.365 - 372 , 2015-12-18 , 熊本大学
The purpose of this study is to clarify the basic operation skills of tablet PCs for children with the intellectual disabilities. The skills measurement method and the software application for mesurement skills are developed to accomplish this purpose. In addition, it was carried out basic skills investigate the children with the intellectual disabilities and the questionnaire survey. The analysis of measurement and questionnaire survey using this application was carried out in children with intellectual disabilities. As the results, the operation skill of tablet PC can not be evaluated only by the age. It is an indication that even the degree of intellectual disabilities to evaluate the operation skills. Therefore, children with intellectual disabilities in school in case of using a tablet terminal, and it is required to use adapted to the degree of disability.

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