Departmental Bulletin Paper 赤外線カメラ、CO_2センサおよび教具等による光合成測定の教材開発
セキガイセン カメラ CO_2 センサ オヨビ キョウグトウ ニ ヨル コウゴウセイ ソクテイ ノ キョウザイ カイハツ
Material Development for Photosynthesis Measurements using Teaching Tools Available at Schools

正元, 和盛  ,  竹市, 稜子  ,  垂, 愛由美  ,  柴田, 彩緒里  ,  マサモト, カズモリ  ,  タケイチ, リョウコ  ,  タレ, アユミ  ,  シバタ, サオリ  ,  Masamoto, Kazumori  ,  Takeichi, Ryoko  ,  Tare, Ayumi  ,  Shibata, Saori

64pp.323 - 328 , 2015-12-18 , 熊本大学
In elementary and lower secondary schools, students are taught transpiration in plants, but little information regarding its cooling effect is provided. Using radiation thermometers, which are generally used as teaching tools at schools, we could measure decreases in leaf temperature due to this cooling effect. Simultaneously, the temperature decrease was monitored with an infrared camera. Furthermore, using a carbon dioxide sensor, we measured changes in the carbon dioxide concentration due to plant photosynthesis and respiration. Thus, from these findings, students can experimentally measure plant functions efficiently using teaching tools available at schools.

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