Departmental Bulletin Paper 葉緑体デンプン観察のためのオオカナダモ代用としての陸上草本植物葉細胞
ヨウリョクタイ デンプン カンサツ ノ タメ ノ オオカナダモ ダイヨウ ト シテ ノ リクジョウ ソウホン ショクブツ ヨウ サイボウ
Substituting Egeria densa Leaves with Herbaceous Land Plant Leaves to Observe Chloroplast Starch

正元, 和盛  ,  松茂良, 美穂  ,  竹市, 稜子  ,  マサモト, カズモリ  ,  マツモラ, ミホ  ,  タケイチ, リョウコ  ,  Masamoto, Kazumori  ,  Matsumora, Miho  ,  Takeichi, Ryoko

64pp.317 - 322 , 2015-12-18 , 熊本大学
Mesophyll cells can be isolated from the leaves of Zinnia, a herbaceous land plant. In addition, we showed that soybean mesophyll cells can be easily isolated. Thus, we propose the use of land plant cells as a substitute for Egeria densa leaves to observe chloroplast starch in lower secondary school science classes. The use of Egeria densa, which is a submerged plant, as a model may confuse students during discussions regarding entry and exit of gases through leaves. The proposed substitution can guarantee continuous availability of materials for conducting plant experiments and promote the understanding of photosynthesis function among students.

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