Departmental Bulletin Paper 幾何学の発見的学習に関するいくつかの考察
キカガク ノ ハッケンテキ ガクシュウ ニ カンスル イクツカ ノ コウサツ
Some Studies of Heuristic Learning of Geometry

伊藤, 仁一  ,  中尾, 温  ,  イトウ, ジンイチ  ,  ナカオ, アツシ  ,  Itoh, Jin-ichi  ,  Nakao, Atsushi

64pp.311 - 316 , 2015-12-18 , 熊本大学
In this paper we show three learning materials (examples) of the heuristic learning as one of the active leaning, which we did with an undergraduate student (second author). The first is some extension of the barycenter (or several centers) of triangles (originally H. Hamanaka). The second is also one of the trials to make the power of point with respect to quadratic curves instead of circles (inspired from H. Nakazato's work with respect to parabolas). The third is heuristic learning by using ICT, for example, rediscovering of Hervey’s point, Steiner's circle and Lambert's thoerem, and perhaps new theorems about circumcenters of triangles made by tangents lines of a parabola. Finally we discuss on the meaning or problems of heuristic learning for undergraduate students.

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