Departmental Bulletin Paper 自己評価表活用によるメタ認知育成の事例研究 : 大学バスケットボール実技における一考察
ジコ ヒョウカヒョウ カツヨウ ニ ヨル メタニンチ イクセイ ノ ジレイ ケンキュウ : ダイガク バスケットボール ジツギ ニ オケル イチ コウサツ
A case study of metacognition development through self-assessment table utilization : A study in basketball skill class at university

一安, 晋太郎  ,  唐杉, 敬  ,  イチヤス, シンタロウ  ,  カラスギ, タカシ  ,  Ichiyasu, Shintaro  ,  Karasugi, Takashi

64pp.275 - 285 , 2015-12-18 , 熊本大学
In this study, we verify the validity of acquiring understanding monitoring strategy for the higher education students. We follow and develop the existing effective teaching methods, the meta-cognitivetraining skills, in physical education to verify the effectiveness of the understanding monitoring strategy for the students. At the beginning of a physical education class, we create a self-assessment table, set a learning target, and confirm the contents of the class. At the end of the class, each student conducts a self-assessment to grasp the gap between a learning target and his or her actual condition. This understanding monitoring strategy helpseach student to clarify learning contents and a learning target in each class. From using this strategy, the students make his or her own learning subject and also a group learning subject clear -it helps to monitor, control, and/or revise a training plan for both students and an instructor. As a result, it becomes clear that a developed existing teaching method of the meta-cognitive activity, understanding monitoring strategy, is very effective for the higher education students to help achieve his or her goal in physical education.

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