Departmental Bulletin Paper 養護教諭専門職論の一考察 : 小倉学の専門職論の検討から
ヨウゴ キョウユ センモンショクロン ノ イチ コウサツ : オグラ マナブ ノ センモンショクロン ノ ケントウ カラ
A study of the profession of Yogo teacher : Based on Manabu Ogura's theory of profession

山梨, 八重子  ,  ヤマナシ, ヤエコ  ,  Yamanashi, Yaeko

64pp.267 - 274 , 2015-12-18 , 熊本大学
This purpose of this research is to clarify issues related to the establishment of theory on yogo teachers as professional. A variety of different research projects have been carried out through the present time with a view to establishing yogo teachers as professional in their fields. The majority of this research has been conducted based on the results of Manabu Ogura's research, which means that Ogura's research has garnered a certain level of respect as a body of work presenting yogo teachers as professional. This paper re-examines research conducted by Ogura on the specialized nature of yogo teachers, comparing this work with documents by M. Lieberman, on which Ogura's work was based.Our research shows that the specialized nature of yogo teachers described by Ogura is limited to differentiating yogo teachers from conventional teachers within the school organization; therefore Ogura's scope is limited. Further, it has also become clear to us that the viewpoint of yogo teacher profession from Japan's unique perspective on yogo teachers as conventional teachers lacks a solid foundation. If we are to emphasize Japan's special positioning of yogo teachers in the larger context of conventional teachers, we conclude that there is a need to examine the deep specialization from a broad perspective— including trends in teacher profession theory—in order to further establish theory on the profession of Yogo teacher.

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